Hard to Forget, Necessary to Remember

22 07 2008

So, I ran across this site last night, and it shifted my frame of mind in a permanent way.  Anyone who reads this regularly knows I have a lot of concerns about the whole nuclear development matrix, from power, to prolif.  I am often asked “What is your problem with nuclear technology?”  The implication is that I have some sort of technological blindspot that disallows me from seeing the potential there.  No, I recognize the power in this technology, and that is why I am skeptical of humans using it for power (only).  This is why.

Of course, nuclear power is different than the nuke bombs highlighted here, but it is relatively easy to convert the nuke power process into weapons technology.  The same technology that we will have going on with Areva in E. Idaho (Uranium Enrichment) is what we have threatened to go to war with Iran over.  The waste (which there is admittedly no solution to) is in measure to the severity of the technology itself–illustrated so well in these pictures.

I heard an interview with Obama the other day on nuclear.  He says we should keep it on the table.  But we have to be careful since this technology could “blow up and irradiate us.”  Yep.  Really, a hundred new nuke plants?  What do you think?




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